I live in the south west of Victoria, Australia, an area renowned for it’s irish heritage and dairy milk. I’ve spent a great deal of time among the lush green paddocks of Koroit and Crossley, it’s no wonder the irish decided to move down here, they’d feel right at home in this area. My grandfather has a farm in which he milks cows and grows spuds (or potatos). The above photograph is a view onto one of my grandfathers paddocks

After having finished secondary school, I decided to go to Latrobe University to study Commerce, in which I took up the hobby of oil painting. At first I was painting portraits and still lifes, but my experiences back home never really left me. When I finished university I began painting landscape paintings that took great inspiration from the hills and fields that I knew so well.

And so that is where I am today, my painting style is primarily vibrant landscape painting with large brush strokes and broken colour, but I do like to dabble in abstract art as well from time to time, as well as just general portraiture.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, although I do not have much art available right now, I do intend on painting one painting per week, so expect some more to be available soon.

Fine Art America: https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/39-daniel-johnson



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